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Since we have been obsessing over blogs and  endlessly reading a number of them, we came up with the idea of sharing our views about fashion, beauty and general lifestyle ( which means alottt of good food also!!) with you guys. To kick start our blog, we thought of sharing with you peeps our April Favorites. This post shall include our skincare, beauty and fashion favorites that we have been loving this April.

1) Victoria's Secret PINK fresh and clean body mist (250 ml)

If you are bored of the usual body mists and deodorants that every other woman smell of, then we strongly recommend  you to try this Oomphilicious mist by Victoria's secret.

 The smell is refreshing, fruity and mild that will help you stay away from body odor for more than 6 hours and will definitely make you smell great!!

 Also, the packaging is very chic, nice and can be easily thrown into your handbag while travelling. It is unlike the other VS mists (pure seduction, love spell) where the cap easily comes off, this one comes with a tight and sturdy cap.

The first time I used it was when it was gifted to me and I have been hooked to this product since then! Purchasing this might require you to save up some pocket money but trust us its definitely worth every penny.
This is a must buy for all you lovely ladies.

2) Soap & Glory, Flake Away (50 ml)

After reading about this product in a number of websites and beauty magazines, we finally decided to give it a try. YES it is the much raved about the Soap and Glory Flake Away Scrub!. We never understood what this hype about the scrub was until we tried this baby ourselves. On one of our regular visits to the Select City Mall in Delhi, we entered Sephora and  like every other girl we lost our focus in that store and were puzzled and amazed by the products that they offer and we agree that it is much less than what sephora offers in their stores abroad but Hey! its one of the biggest in India.

Coming back to the scrub, this is what you need on a Sunday morning shower session. It cleanses the skin gently without leaving it rough and dry and makes your skin feel like shea butter. Now getting to the smell, YES! it is absolutely crazy and lingers onto  you for good 10-12 hours. So be it any occasion or just on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this heavenly scrub will make you go gaga about yourself.

It comes in two sizes, the smaller one comes as a part of the soap and glory Soaper Heroes gift box, whereas the bigger one can be purchased separately. We purchased the gift box which is priced at Rs 1820 and it includes their other very famous products.

3) La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40 (60 g)

We all know how important it is to incorporate a sunscreen in your daily skincare, But for those of you who don't use sunscreen, we genuinely advise you to find a perfect sunscreen that suits you and use it on a daily basis to avoid skin problems like pigmentation, skin darkening, blemishes etc.

After using any sunscreen we generally crib about how greasy and oily our skin looks and therefore we end up excluding this very essential from our daily skin care routine. It was my visit to a dermatologist in Bangalore who recommended this product to me  that completely reversed my opinion about sunscreens. The sunscreen is  yellow in color bearing a heavy and creamy texture but it is actually a gel based formulation that evenly spreads across your face without making it oily or shiny. After using it for two weeks not only did my skin start feeling smooth and hydrated but also the dullness completely disappeared . Actually the first time I applied the product I couldn't stop touching my face. It stays on to your face for up to 4 hours. Also, it is perfect to be applied before your makeup as it makes the application of your base much easier. A definite must have for the crazy summer in Delhi and other parts of India.

4) MAC Relentlessly Red

So who doesn't want to look fresh and bubbly in a hot sultry afternoon? Be it work, a brunch or a party, this shade by MAC is an absolute summer shade. This lipstick works wonders even when you have no other form of make up applied as it tends to brighten your face and make you look absolutely stunning.

5) Colorbar 33M Tooty Fruity (4.2 g)

This is one of the favorite pink lipsticks in our collection. When we went out to shop, we had another pink in our mind that we were going to buy but when we saw this shade we both knew that very minute that we need to have it. This lipstick is a perfect hot pink that you need, it will suit every Indian skin tone.

The product is  from  Colorbar's Matte Collection and it is very smooth on the lips. The colour is perfect from the first application but however if you like a brighter tone you can have as many applications as you like. It is not dry on the skin and provides perfect moisture and still  provides a matte finish. This color is perfect for the summer, during the day it can be perfectly be paired with the white top and blue denims or with nice foral tops and it can also brighten your all black outfit. We personally love this colour and is a definite thumbs up from our side.

Below are the swatches of both the lipsticks!

6) The Body Shop Lip Gloss Rasberry (12 ml)

Lip glosses have always been a girls best friend and Body Shop makes it  more special by its Raspberry Gloss that is perfect for all occasions. Packed in a small tube, this little piece of delight is super smooth on the lips without giving you a sticky feeling. Also, unlike most other lip glosses this one isn't runny and a little drop of it can be smoothly applied without making it a mess!  Not only does it feel great on the lips but also gives a shimmer finish on the lip and can be worn with a heavy eye make up for an evening party or simply be teamed up with kohl and simple eyeliner on a normal day outing to the mall or movies.
Body shop has priced this range quite reasonably and it will definitely not burn your or his pocket.

7) Forever 21 Pearl Bracelet

This summer go glamorous with the Forever 21 pearl collection. Unlike any other accessory this piece of bracelet can be paired up with ANY  and EVERY outfit. This is one of my favorite accessory this summer!  

Hope you guys enjoy the post and because we are new to the blogging world, any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.



  1. You helped me make my list. I am going shopping. Thank you. Love your blog girls and I am already addicted. I am stopping by here for your every upcoming blog post. In fact, I will be waiting for your posts.

  2. MAC relentlessly red sounds so appealing to me right now. I'm going through a 'red' phase :p

    1. Ya i know right? Though this colour has a pinkish undertone. Hope you like it as much as we did.

  3. It's a g8t start ... Good luck guys 👍✌️

  4. It's a g8t start ... Good luck guys 👍✌️


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