Not all of us are born with the perfect mane like Rapunzel's! Let's face it, most of us have some issue or the other with our hair due to several reasons like humid or dry weather, frequent use of styling products or simply because we hate our hair texture. 

We have decided to write about hair care as both of us are also not born with perfect hair and on several occasions we have failed to take care of it, resulting it to be SUPER FRIZZY and sometimes ROUGH! 
Most of us have been allured with the concept of hair straightening/ smoothing/ coloring in order to make our hair manageable,soft and making it look very stylish. We both have resorted to different forms of chemical treatment over two times to make our hair look straight and nice. Just imagine the amount of torture our hair has gone through!!!  Though we are still in the stage of growing out our straightened hair so we can chop them off but till then what we required was something that perfectly nourishes our hair so that it regains its moisture.

Many of our friends also keep complaining about hair being very frizzy, hair loss, dandruff, pre mature greying, slow hair growth even without using any form of chemicals or heat treatment.

To add to our misery, we end up spending thousands of rupees on buying the 'right product' to fix the mess without realizing that it is causing some more damage to our hair.

One fine evening while our usual market strolling sessions, we entered  the Kama Ayurveda  Store where we saw the Bringadi oil and were told by the assistants there that this was one of their best selling products. Giving it a try seemed to be a good idea since it is all natural and wouldn't  harm our hair in any way.

This Bringadi Intensive Treatment comes in a lightweight plastic bottle with a screw up cap which makes it easier to carry it around while travelling without the fear of leakage. It also has two nozzles which make it easier to apply and ensure that the right amount of  oil comes out and therefore, no wastage.

One of the best things about this oil is that it is enough if you keep it on your hair for half an hour, as keeping an oil overnight may become a task for many of us  and people with OILY SCALP it is a big NO!!.
It works perfectly well if kept for half an hour. The oil is not of heavy consistency, therefore it is not at all difficult to remove it while shampooing. 

Unlike all other beauty products, this oil by KAMA AYURVEDA does exactly what it claims. Months of hair fall and dandruff issues vanished by the third time we applied the oil. For everyone who has oily hair, you don't even need to use a conditioner post wash. YES IT'S THAT BLOODY GOOD! Soon after the first application you will definitely feel the change in your hair structure and by the time you are half bottle down, all your hair issues will be completely resolved. 

Both of us have been using this oil for more than two months and it has worked wonders on our hair!

Now coming to the disadvantages, the oil has a very strong ayurvedic smell which is not at all pleasing to our nose  and the people around. Another thing which might bother you is that this is priced slightly higher (Rs. 875 for 250 ml) than the other hair oils. But however given the advantages, we don't mind price or the smell, after all we all love our hair.

Final Verdict- We will definitely Re-Purchase it!



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