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This is post is a little different from our usual posts and we really hope that it is of some help to all of you! Through this post we intend to help you ladies to choose the right BB cream that is best suited for your skin from the wide range of these available in the market. We will be reviewing both high end and the ones available at drug stores to help you choose the best !! Happy reading

 1) Colorbar Perfect Match BB cream-  Definitely the best available in the drug store range!  Blends smoothly , contains SPF 20 and does not give any patchy look to the skin. It doesn't wipe out easily and is very long lasting. People with oily skin like ours can also go for it as it gives a shine free and matte look. It comes in a travel friendly pack and can be carried almost anywhere! It's very handy. The texture is not very runny, therefore a little amount of it spreads well on your face. It may give a little difficulty to girls with dry skin as it may not spread out very evenly. So you girls must ensure that your skin is perfectly moisturised. This BB cream cones in 3 different shades and priced at Rs 550.

2)Garnier BB cream - This is another one of those BB creams that is easily available at the drug stores and it is one of the cheapest which is available with SPF 24. It costs around Rs. 99 for 18gms. We think this is perfect to try for someone who is just beginning to use makeup. The cream has a very smooth and soft texture but is not very suitable for oily or dry skin as it may lead to break outs. Also, a big disadvantage is that this cream comes only in ONE SHADE! Although it matches the average skin tone but may be a problem for those with extremely fair or dusky skin tone. It comes in a sleek tube, therefore it is easy to carry around. This BB cream didn't work the best for us but all you girls with dry skin, it should work like magic for you'll!

3) Lakme Complexion Care Cream- This was the only BB cream that we didn't like! After using it your skin tends to look Cakey as it does not blend well. Also this is not very smooth on the skin and gives a very heavy look. Like the Garnier BB cream, this too comes in a travel friendly pack. Post application it will tend to make your T zone very oily and therefore regular touch ups become necessary. Lakme CC cream comes only in two shades - bronze and beige (not very suitable for dusky skin tone)and is priced at Rs.250 for 30ml.

4) The Body Shop All in one BB cream- Dont feel scared looking at its absolute white color as it blends perfectly and takes the color of your skin tone and works like magic. The BB cream gives a perfect and smooth look to your face and is a little runny without any SPF. The only thing we didnt like about this is that everytime you apply this your face ends up feeling extremely grainy! packaging is quite sleek and can be carried around easily without any mess.

5) Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream- It was a complete  love and hate relationship with this BB cream as once you apply it your skin tends to feel very nice but after a while the skin feels very Cakey and made up. Though the stick form is very convenient and the BB cream has SPF 21, we do not suggest it to you'll as it is only limited to two shades and will not be of any help to women with oily skin as it will make your face look very dull and oily. The two benefits of this cream are its chic packaging and a reasonable price of Rs. 250.

Now we would like to give you a review of the the 5 best high-end BB creams that are easily available in India. 

6) Clarins Multi Protection BB cream- As the product promises, it does give you a flawless look
 from morning to night and smells heavenly!! It is a little heavy and proper blending is necessary. It comes with SPF 40 and therefore it is perfect for Indian Summers but may be causing irritation to people with highly sensitive skin. This BB cream also promises to protect your skin against the pollution damages, oxidative stress and UV Rays! The cream provides perfect coverage and comes in an handy pack. The texture isn't runny and a little extra effort is needed to blend it well.Priced at Rs 2600 for 30 ml it's a must try for complete protection and coverage for the Indian Summer.

7) Dior Nude Skin BB cream- This BB cream gives a light coverage and tends to give you a fresh look for most part of the day but might not work for women who are looking for a complete coverage like that of a foundation.It is very light textured and therefore blending is very easy and spreads across the face in a smooth manner without giving a patchy look. Comes in four different shades with SPF 10, therefore perfect for oily, combination and sensitive skin. Priced at Rs 2800 and is a must buy for everyone with super sensitive skin.

8) MAC Prep and Prime BB Cream - Till now this has been our favorite BB cream. It has a semi matte finish and blends perfectly giving your skin a flawless rosy look. It can be applied just by itself or before a foundation as a primer. The SPF 35 makes this BB suitable for all skin types( from dry to oily and even sensitive skin). The texture is a little runny that makes this BB easy to apply and blend. Priced at Rs 2200. It's a must must buy!

9) Clinique age defense BB cream-  Unlike the other high end BB creams, this one gives a perfect coverage and there is absolutely no need to apply a concealer or foundation after this. It's a perfect for everyday use and stays for almost 12 hours!! SPF 30 gives makes it perfect for women who need to travel in the heat.  The best part about this BB cream is that it requires no further touch ups  and is a little thick that helps in hiding all blemishes and scars. Therefore little cravings gives this a double thumbs up!!

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post! Please do give us your feedbacks :)



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