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Last night brought an end to Delhi's craving for the perfect Tex-mex food as TACO BELL INDIA started its first outlet in AMBIENCE MALL, Vasant Kunj. Though our first experience of Taco Bell was in Bangalore five years back, we have remained loyal to them ever since! If you're sick of eating the regular pizzas and burgers, you must visit Taco Bell for a completely different experience( and trust us that you will NEVER stop going there). Yes it's very very very pocket friendly!

Located in the food court of Ambience Mall, the size of the outlet is pretty huge so seating there shouldn't be a problem.
Also it makes it very convenient for people to grab a quick snack before or after watching a movie rather than waiting in the long queue.

Now about the food! Personally there is nothing on this earth that we love more than Taco Bell. The two of us have practically visited the Taco Bells in Bangalore almost everyday and tried every thing they had on their menu. The picture above is of TOPPED NACHOS! They are crispy tortilla chips topped with ALOTT of  warm cheese sauce, veggies, beans and a very tangy red sauce. The same is available for all non veg lovers in CHICKEN! and its bloody awesome! This box of delight is priced between Rs 85 and 169 depending on the size! Yes, you read that right :)

What you see right above is a CRUNCHY TACO! It's a  crispy taco shell filled with chicken for non veg lovers and potato or beans for all veggie lovers! It is then seasoned with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, sour cream  and lots of shredded REAL CHEDDAR CHEESE. In fact for all you DORITO fans, you'll will be happy to know that the taco shell is inspired from regional spicy DORITOS! Priced between Rs. 35 and Rs. 85( Both VEG and NON VEG)!, this is definitely a SNACK to ATTACK! 

The SEVEN LAYER BURRITO by Taco Bell is definitely the answer to a massive hunger! Although it was the first time we tried the vegetarian one, we absolutely loved every bite of it! The Burrito is filled with heaps of tasty LATIN  RICE, MINCED CHICKEN or POTATOES, BEANS, JUICY TOMATOES, ONIONS and then smothered with YUMMY CHIPOTLE SAUCE, SOUR CREAM and CHEDDAR SAUCE! Its a combination of everything you want in a snack!!! Also there are varieties of burritos available like TIKKA MASALA BURRITO, CHIPOTLE BEAN OR CHICKEN BURRITO! Again priced very reasonably between Rs. 79 to Rs. 155.

The Taco Bell menu does not exhaust here! They have something called the MEXICAN PIZZA, which is our personal favorite, CHEESY QUESADILLAS, CRUNCH WRAPS, ZESTY RICE BOXES AND LOTS MORE!! Also during your visit to Taco Bell, do not forget to try out the mouthwatering CHOCODILLA which is a quesadilla filled with layers of chocolate sauce! 

I hope we have tempted you'll enough to make a visit to Taco Bell Vasant Kunj! It is definitely worth a try with your friends and family! Its time to Get TACO'ED ALL OF YOU!



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