Review: It's Real Squeeze Mask Rose and Cucumber by Innisfree

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Before we start this post, we would really like to apologize for not being very active lately. We have just been caught up with work and being sick. But now we'll try to be more active and give you more reviews. So for today's post we thought of reviewing the It's real Squeeze Masks by Innisfree. This post has been long due so without any further ado let's get started.

For those of you who haven't heard of Innisfree, they are a Korean Skincare brand and have recently entered the Indian Market. The best part about them is that all their products are 100% natural and they are reasonably priced.  They have 3 outlets  in the NCR region.  On our  recent visit to their store in Gurgaon, we  were really excited to see so much variety in sheet masks as they are not very easily available in India at any other store. We picked up a couple of them but today we are reviewing the  It's real squeeze Cucumber Mask and  It's real squeeze Rose Mask.

 This Mask comes in a white Sachet like Packaging. The packaging is quite easy to open and use and looks appealing. Although one has to be really careful while opening the packet as the mask tends to  slide up and there are chances that you might end up tearing the mask. The mask comes in a three layered fold and is covered with the serum. The quantity of the serum is just adequate. It is neither alot that it starts dripping nor too less that it does not adequately spread on your face. The best part about the masks is that it comes with cut outs for eyes, nose and mouth. and these cut-outs are average size so should fit everyone easily.

Moving on to How to use the  mask. Well we like to keep the mask in the refrigerator for 15-20 mins before using it as it makes the mask cool and slightly more refreshing, this is an optional step although we highly recommend it. Place the mask on to your face carefully avoiding the eyes and the mouth area. After 15- 20 minutes, gently remove the mask and rub the left over serum with your fingers and let it rest for a couple of hours.The serum does not leave any sticky residue onto your face. We would highly recommend not washing your face after removing the mask.

On using the Rose Mask, it leaves the skin feeling very hydrated and bright, although the brightness is not very dramatic like you would see in other masks but i would give the credit to this mask for the work it does considering it does not use chemicals and uses natural ingredients.  The masks also reduces any skin redness and irritation if you have. Therefore, it is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

On  using the Cucumber Mask, it gives your skin a beautiful glow and makes it well nourished and hydrated. You can feel the difference in your skin from within, it feels really healthy. It also made my skin as soft and bouncy as that of a baby. This Mask is perfect for people with dry skin.

These masks maybe a little pricey for some people as they cost Rs. 100 for single time use but for us as compared to the other masks available in the Indian market and for the magic it does to your skin, its totally worth the money.

Final Verdict: Go Ahead and Grab yours!



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