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Hello Team Cravers!

This time we thought of writing about something entirely different, not connected to fashion or beauty.  A few weeks ago, we discovered something really incredible at the Select City Walk flee market, it is popularly known by the name “Paperholic”.  A start up by Komal Goel, Paperholic displays a range of creative goodies like diaries, makeup boxes, envelopes , folders and other wonderful stuff that you would love to own.

So here we are to show you some of the incredible products Komal has designed.
These lovely boxes grabbed our attention at the first sight! They are bright with abstract and colorful designs and can be used for almost anything!  When we saw these charming delights, the first thing that came to our mind was to store all the accessories. These boxes are sturdy and we gurantee you that they wont break unless you really intend to break them. Available in almost all sizes and priced at Rs. 400(the BIG BOX), it is totally totally worth your money and a place in your wardrobe. One can store almost anything in these boxes like make up, accessories, papers, scarves, valuable things or even CHOCOLATES! And for those of you who love gifting, this is a perfect idea of a gift.

This make up box shown below was the cutest thing designed by her. It is a make up box every girl would love to own! With the perfect combination of hot pink, blue and cute deigns, this box completely won our heart. Divided into compartments, this box has ample place for your lipsticks, mascara, eyeliners and everything else. Infact you can even use it as a jewellery box. This  is definitely something that your dressing table deserves! Doesn't this make organisation so much preetier?

Also for all you lovely girls who are addicted to stationery, Paperholic has something interesting for you’ll too!! Look at these diaries, envelopes, folders and cards, each of them carry an unusual deisgn and are priced very reasonably. You can buy them in bulk and use them for various purposes
We loved every product of Paperholic and we suggest everyone who is looking for something arty, creative and most importantly a non-traditional look to go through their site or call Komal to place your order for these pretty babies!!

You can contact them on their Facebook page at



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