Product Review: SaNd for Soapaholics Citrus Burst Bathing Powder

Hi Team Cravers!

Today we are going to talk to you about something that had brought a million dollar smile on our faces a couple of months ago while we were in Bangalore. I don't know about you guys, but we were a HUGE FAN of Lush and I mean LEGIT FAN like we almost cried when we heard that they were quitting the Indian Market. And then One day I was roaming around the Mall with my friend when we passed a store and I stood outside it and jumped like crazy (out of excitement) as I smelled the same soothing and refreshing fragrances as I used to get from the Lush store and I found myself outside the SaND for Soapaholics store. The store has cute little corner shop, and I knew I wasn't going empty handed from the mall that day. So if you are missing lush go visit your nearest store or visit their website. And let me tell you a little secret, the lady who started this brand is the one who has previously worked with Lush in India (so you know you are getting the real deal!) I am reviewing their Bathing Powder in Citrus Burst today. 

I really do get disappointed sometimes when the name of the products hypes up your expectation and when you try the product you are left disappointed. Does it happen with you guys too? But this Citrus burst completely lives up to its name. The minute you open the lid you are bombarded with this citrus smell, to me its super refreshing but if you are someone who does not like citrus smell then this one is not for you because it has a Real strong smell.(I love it personally)

Now coming to the packaging the product comes in a clear bottle with the cap. Therefore, you have to squeeze the bottle to get the product out. In my opinion the packaging is a little inconvenient as it requires a lot of effort and also sometimes consumes a lot of time to get the product out. It would have been easier had it been in a jar with a spatula. But again this is just a personal opinion. The product is in a powder form as the name suggests. You need to wet your skin and rub the product gently on to your body. It does not lather up much (I think its because of its natural ingredients) but it definitely makes your skin feel squeaky clean!

Price- Rs. 175 for 50gms

Final Verdict- Citrus Lover? What are you waiting for!?



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