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If you haven't already figured how much we love Korean Skincare, well then let me tell you now, its our absolute favourite. And for those of you who share the same kind of love or for those who are willing to give it a try(you all definitely should), we have the best site which offers everything your skin needs.  We are talking about, it believes in skincare which feeds natural ingredients & nutrition to skin and makeup is a coverage.

Skin18, is a Hongkong based website which was started by Ms.Eugenie Shek, who was like most of us, super picky about her skincare and would invest a lot in some of the most expensive products to ensure her skin remained at its best. But all this changed on her visit to Korea, where she discovered various korean skincare brands and how magically they worked on the skin. Her ultimate dream she says is to give free masks at her website.(Imagine if her dream comes true! it will also be a dream come true for every girl!). At present, the site has all the products your skin would need but please note they dont have makeup. (In my Opinion skincare is way more important than makeup)

So I received the following masks:

1. SOC Horse Oil- Complex Intensive Care Mask (

2. SOC 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask(Lipidure) (

3. Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Real Natural Mask Pack

4. Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask (

5. Four Seasons Syn-ake Anti Wrinkle Time Reset Newborn Mask (

6. Mirum Collegen Real Nature Mask Pack (

Although I haven't had an opportunity to try all the masks yet, maybe we'll try to do separate reviews on them. But I did try the Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Real Natural Mask Pack and it was a really easy to use mask and THAT FEELING the minute after i removed the mask, I can't do justice to that feeling no matter what words I use. My face felt much brighter and super duper moisturised. And now I can't wait to try the other masks.

Skin18 also gives you a chance to order some free samples of masks by just paying the shipping charges. (Yes, you heard me right!) They also have some samples of Ben & Sera serums and these come in an interesting syringe packaging. You can order these too as free samples. Not to forget of course there is a limit to these samples that one can order. Lastly, you can completely trust the website with your shipping and their shipping is really fast. I received my package in a weeks time.

So take my word and order some Korean Pampering for yourself from

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