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Those of you who follow us on Instagram would already know that we recently graduated and started work. I am sure all of you who are working would understand the need to dress well at your workplace. Not only does it give you personal confidence but it also creates a good impression on your Boss or the client. Your dressing is the first impression anyone takes of you. 

Today in this post, we are going to talk about the kind of shoes which we think would be perfect to wear at work. If you guys want us to talk about office outfits, do leave a comment in the comments section below.

Your shoes would majorly depend on what outfit you are wearing and what you are comfortable in. Like both of us personally are not very comfortable in wearing stilettos to work. 

I have covered the TOP 5 shoes for work. If you have anything that i have missed please do comment and let me know! 

1.  The extended platform and straight, block wrapped heel add an edgy look to a clean, speak profile.  These shoes come with block heels and are super comfortable. They come in very handy when one has to run around the work place or someone who cannot survive in heels for an entire day. This one below is from the 'Day to Night' collection of CLARKS! 
2. Kitten Heels are another easy way to look classy yet so chic in office. These would never do any wrong to you. And especially if you have a guy you are talking to in office, these would definitely give you that added confidence. The one below is again from the 'Day to Night' collection of CLARKS!
3. Wedges! For me personally, they are a God of shoes. They are the most comfortable set of heels available ever. I can literally walk, dance, jump in them. The one below is from Steve Madden.

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4.  Stilettos! If you are the kind who feels no pain while wearing stilettos then they are your best friend. They will definitely add an oomph factor to your outfit. But ensure that the heel is not super high as you need to maintain the decorum of the office and don't want everyone to notice you for all the wrong reasons.

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5. Ballerina's! If you are the kind who cannot tolerate heels of any sort! Then ballerinas should be your go to! They are going to help you be super comfortable and also help you add that professional look to your outfit so that everyone knows you mean business! The ones below are from FERRAGAMO. They are called Varina with Gold Trim.

             (Image via



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