5 Must Have Makeup Products for the Festive Season

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I am really excited about the festive season! I love getting ready, meeting up friends for a game of cards or two and ofcourse spending time with the family. I love the energy that Diwali brings in the city especially in Delhi. It has to be my favorite festival. Getting ready for the festive season can be quite tiresome and confusing. I am going to help you sought out the must have makeup products to give you that fresh look for this season. I am sharing my 5 Must Have Make-Up Products!

1. Foundation : Foundations can make or break your look. It is very important to choose the right shade that matches your skin tone. Please do not opt for a skin tone lighter than yours. The role of the foundation is not to make you look whiter than what you are. Foundations will help you even out your skin tone. My personal favorite is the MAC Studio Fix. It works its magic on my skin. It is super easy to blend and gives a perfect finish to my skin. So make sure to have a perfect foundation in your stash .

2.  Concealor : Concealor is like my best friend when it comes to makeup. On most days I don’t like to use foundation on my face so I instead go with concealor to cover any imperfections that I may have. Concealor should be your go to during this festive season. My personal favorite for this season is the NYX Full Coverage Concealor. As the name suggests, this one gives the perfect coverage and leaves no blemishes and marks uncovered. It is available at all sephora stores. For those of you who have no access to sephora, you can also try the Lo’real True Match concealor, I have heard such good things about it. It’s definetly my next buy.

3. Kohl : I am an everyday black kohl person. The days I don’t wear kohl, I have people asking me if I am sick! I am sure there are a lot of you with me on this one. But for the festivities around, I like to change my kohl game a little bit. I like to go for either a Silver or a blue kohl as it amphs up your look instantly making you look super fresh and glam. My absolute favorites are the Maybelline Colossal ones.

4. Lipstick: Your lip color would usually depend on your outfit. If it’s a bright outfit you should go for a nude lip and if it’s a subtle outfit, one would go for a bright lip. But considering it’s a festive season, full of color, most of my outfits are bright. So my lipstick stash for this festive season is full of nudes. So make sure to include a nude lipstick this festive season.  My personal favorite is Fast Play by MAC. It has a beautiful undertone of pink which ensures that my lips don’t look washed out.

5. Blush and Mascara : I know, I know I am cheating here a little bit. But I really could not put my finger down to one product. Mascara just makes you look wide awake and adds that little feminine touch to your look. My favorite is for this season is Sumptuous Extreme by Estee Lauder. Blush is another important makeup item in my bag especially when the winters are setting in, the little rosy tint on the cheeks would look super cute. This winter season I am grabbing Ambering Rose by Mac. This has been my all time favorite pink tone blush.

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