Hair Care Routine (Damaged Hair Version)

So ladies, the most happening month is almost here now! Its  a month of extra shopping, partying, dressing up,styling and taking care of yourself!

Like us, you girls must also be facing some mane related issues like dryness or oiliness which further makes the situation worse by making your hair feel itchy, scaly,  rough, etc. etc.

Without pondering much on the solution and trying out every product that will fix your problem, please follow our advice and try out the following. Trust us, as these products are tried on the worst possible hair any girl could dream off :p We are strictly swearing by these products this winter season and may be forever !!

STEP 1: Oiling

Oil is a much needed food for your scalp, specially during winters. Oiling your hair once a week (think of a lazy head massage on a sunday morning) with olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil etc. etc. will do wonders to your hair! 

We are still using Kama Ayurveda's Bringadi (see your review on the product here) and we are completely in love with it. Not only does it reduce your hairfall considerably, I have also noticed that it accelerates hair growth in terms of length and thickness! Priced at about INR 1100 (Yes, the prices have increased :( ) it is worth the buy and will not go for a waste!

STEP 2: Shampooing

This, we think is the most difficult to choose the right one from the hundreds and thousands that are available in the market! We have picked a shampoo from a brand recently launched in India called Moroccan Oil's hydrating shampoo. It perfectly suits dry and oily hair and you dont need any conditioner if you are washing with this shampoo post oiling. Not only it is super gentle on your hair making it feel like silk while washing it but also as the name  suggests it clarifies the scalp from all form of dust, oil, sebum build up which  which can cause dull, greasy or limp hair. Though it may be a little heavy for the pocket, we think its a must must buy! Priced at INR 1620 the entire bottle should last you guys a good 3 weeks.
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STEP 3 : Conditioning

Girls with extra oily scalp may avoid this step, but it is a must do for the rest of us to complete our hair care routine during the winters.  We strongly recommend Moroccon Oil's hydrating conditioner. You can independently use this conditioner with other shampoo's and results will not be very different. This conditioner will make your hair soft, supple, smooth, frizz free and gorgeous. The smell is amazing and it lingers onto the hair, days after your wash without taking away the effect. So girls, this should be a must buy from your next months pay!!
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STEP 4 : Leave in Moroccan oil serum by Roots (Morrovita)

We recently came across the product in our FAB Bag. We started loving it from the first use itself. The consistency is thick, therefore a little bit can spread on your hair like magic! We would recommend this product for girls who use alot of heat on their hair or has chemically treated hair. It provides immense amount of nourishment and you can feel the ends becoming softer and split ends disappearing in no time! Isn't that amazing! My little bottle is about to get over after almost 7 uses and I have already ordered the big one from flipkart ( it may not be available at the salons or drug stores). Priced at about INR 1600 the big bottle can last anyone a life time :P

So lovely ladies, hurry up and get your hair care regime in place and have a crazy December!



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