5 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

Hi Cravers!

Today, we are going to list down five beauty hacks every girl should know! All these hacks use products that you would usually find at home.  Some of these work much better than the most-expensive products available in the market.

1. Baby Powder! It is not only for babies but this can work as the best substitute for dry shampoo. If you have a party to go to and you have second or third day hair and no time to wash it. Then just take a little baby powder on your scalp, rub it, flip your hair and you are ready to go!

2. Another way that you can use your baby powder is to curb those sweaty areas. Apply the baby powder on your underarms or on those sweaty thigh gaps, and no sweat for at least 4 hours! Yes, this going to be super helpful for the upcoming summer!

3. Mascara can also be used as an eyeliner. Yes you heard that right.  Just dip your small angled brush in your mascara wand and apply it gently to your lash line. You can create a perfectly pigmented winged liner with this!

4. If you like an all over dewy face, then just mix your liquid highlighter with your daily moisturizer for that perfect dewy look.

5. Heard your grandma say use coconut oil for almost everything? Well, she's right? Coconut Oil  can be your best buddy when it comes to skincare. You can use coconut oil to remove your makeup. Don't worry if you have oily skin, this is not going to break you out. Coconut oil can also be used as a body lotion as it perfectly moisturizes your skin leaving no sign for dryness.

Hope you guys enjoyed these hacks. Do let us know if you try any of them and comment below and tell us what's your favourite hack!  



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