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We were thinking of writing something not related to cosmetics, but thought that this post might be helpful for a lot of you who are facing or have faced similar skin problems. Very lately, my skin had become very oil, acne prone and uneven! So to help fight this, I decided to use the a popular drug store neem face wash which promised to fight oil and acne by killing the germs. But this product did not help. The acne problem almost doubled and so did the oiliness. This could be due to the fact that neem does not suit my skin. Another friend who uses the same facewash says that it actually helped her. However, before visiting a dermatologist I decided to try some other skin care products that might help. So with the help of a lot of google searches and my mom’s advice I bought the Vichy Purete Thermale Purifying Foaming Water. With the very first use I fell in love with it completely. 

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Product description: Available in two sizes. I suggest that you guys buy the big bottle as it is worth the money and it would easily last a month with anyone who washes their face twice a day. The packaging is not very convenient for travel purposes as it is not in a tube but a bottle with nozzle. We cant afford to carry this bottle without the cap as it may get very messy. The facial foam is transparent and looks like water, however it generates foam every time you use it. The face cleanser has a very light texture, spreads easily and can be easily washed off with water and most importantly it does not make the skin feel dry!
For all you girls who have oily skin I do, please give a try to this face cleanser as it is definitely worth it

Price: It is priced approximately INR 1200 but if you can get hold of a discount coupon online, its better!

Effect on skin:  Very honestly I have used and tried out hundreds of face washes including ponds, garnier, kaya, fash, Himalaya and kama but none of them have suited my skin as this vichy facewash. I am writing this post after a month of using the face wash and can see and feel the difference in my skin! Its supple, not oily, acne problems have substantially reduced and there is a glow in my skin. The best part about this product is that it can be used both during summer and winter as it maintains the skin balance.
For women who don’t have similar skin issues but are looking for a good face cleanser, please try the other products from Vichy (like the Normaderm range) and you will fall in love with it.



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