Innisfree Orchid Anti-Aging Cream Range - Review

Hello Team Cravers!

I am pretty sure, by now you guys know, how much we love Innisfree. Innisfree has launched it's Orchid Anti-Aging line. The products in this line contain Jeju Orchid which is found in the coldest weather.

The Anti Anging Cream contains 'Orchid ElixirTM', an ingredient extracted from Jeju Orchid through a hot-water extraction process. It helps enhance the self-defensive power of the skin, giving a healthy glow to skin that gets drier and less dense with age. Following are the products that I got:

1. Orchid Intense Cream- I have been using this cream for a couple of days now, I think it's perfect to provide you with the much needed moisturization and will leave your skin feeling young and hydrated. Priced at Rs. 2000

2. Orchid Eye Cream - This product is not very heavy and looks quite promising. I haven't tried the product yet, do let me know in the comments section below if you want us to review it. Priced at Rs. 2000.

3. Orchid Massage Cream - This is again a very hydrating cream which provides the much need moisture and leaves your skin feeling fresh and supple. Priced at Rs. 1500.

4. Jeju Daphne Blossom Hand Cream - I love using Hand Creams. I hate it when my hands feel dry and I NEED to moisture them as soon as my wash my hands. I am a little funny that way. Recently I had been using the Soap and Glory Hand Cream but I am going to give this one a try real soon! Priced at Rs. 300.

5. Daphne Blossom Perfumed Body Lotion - And this one is to provide the perfect moisturization to your body. I love how this smells but I think it's perfect for the summer time as I prefer using some body butter for the winters. Priced at Rs. 1200.

Do let us know if you guys want us to review any of these products, we'll be happy to do it.



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