Kerastase Hair Ritual : Remedy for Dry and Frizzy Hair!

Hey Team Cravers!

Today I wish to share my experience of the Kérastase hair ritual treatment at the Toni & Guy salon, New Delhi.

Before I begin to give you guys a step by step description of the entire process, I would like to clarify that a hair ritual is very different from the conventional hair spas that salons provide along with treatments in terms of price, duration and the effect on the hair.

Step 1: Honestly, when I received the invite from Toni & Guy for the hair ritual, I thought it would be the usual hair spa followed by a good wash and blow dry. I was completely mistaken! The hair ritual process began with a hair and scalp analysis and trust me I didn’t have to utter a word stating what problems I face with my hair. I almost felt that they understood the issues that I face better than me!

Well, the result of my hair analysis test was that I have oily scalp with dry, rough and frizzy hair.

Step 2: Post hair analysis, Raj (hair stylist) took me for a hair wash and used the Kérastase balancing shampoo and suggested that I use a balancing shampoo and avoid washing my hair with warm water.

Step 3: Now this step is what differs a hair ritual from a hair spa. Based on my hair analysis test, Raj showed me two small bottles, one containing a serum like liquid and the other with green beads. I was told that the mixture of both would be added to the OLEO CURL INTENSE that would have the following effect on my hair:

 Make my hair smooth and supple

 Would  transform the frizz into well-defined waves/curls

 Strengthen my hair and prevent it from breakage as I tend to use the straightener very often

 Make my hair manageable

You guys must be thinking that these are usual hair spa effects also, but I was told that the effect of the hair ritual would last me for 25-30 days. Therefore the mixture of all the 3 was applied to my hair like the usual conditioner.

Step 4: Post application of the cream, my hair was covered with a hot steam bag so that the cream penetrates to the roots and further nourishes my hair.

Step 5: After 12 mins of the steam, I was taken for a hair wash again (without the shampoo).

Step 6: Although the hair stylist suggested that I should apply a hair cream for softening cream, I insisted that he blow dried my hair straight with curls at the end.

So here how my hair looked like

My overall experience: I wouldn’t say that this is the best thing that happened to my hair, but however it has made my hair more manageable than before.

Price of hair ritual: 2900 (including tax)

Time Taken: 2 hour and 45 mins



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