Product Review: Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker plumping lip gloss!

Hello there Cravers! Hope you all had a super exciting week!

As the weekend is here, we thought of giving all you lovely ladies a reason to go to the mall and get your hands on Soap & Glory's  much raved about product - the SUPER-COLOR SEXY MOTHER PUCKER! !

Very honestly, I did not know about this, but now this has become my obsession and a staple in my make bag.

This lip-gloss is great for daily wear or otherwise as it contains natural plant oil that moisturizes your lips in a great way and adds a dazzling shine! The texture is super smooth and not runny and therefore you don’t have to keep worrying about smudging it around your lips. What I find a little irritating is the thickness and stickiness of this gloss but the shine and the effect on the lips surely compensates for the stickiness.

As you can see that the gloss is of a light pink color and therefore you can wear it on top of any lipstick, balm or just simply the lip gloss! So we save you from the hassle of buying a lip-gloss of every shade of red or pink you like!

In the below pictures, we have applied this lip gloss on bare lips and on lipstick

Applied on pink lipstick
Applied on bare lips

The packaging is quite sturdy and chic! The brush contains a sponge applicator which is quite soft and coats the lips evenly. 

Sexy mother pucker comes with super fill micro sphere plumping technology that expands your lips and gives your lips the perfect shape.

Priced at Rs.1100, this product this worth the buy!



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