Perfume of the Month: Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue

Hello Team Cravers!

This is the first time we are mentioning a perfume on our blog, and it had to be the Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue. This has been our favorite for years now. And now that summer has hit Delhi, it's time for this beauty to be used.

It was created by Oliver Cresp in 2001. He got his inspiration from the Mediterranean. This perfume has a that light scent with a good hint of freshness and it is classy at the same time. It's just the perfect fragrance for me. This scent has been much loved by women all over the globe.

The Bottle comes in a velvet blue box, to be honest, the box feels super classy. The bottle is really simple, its a frosted glass rectangular bottle. The bottle has a steel lining at the top which gives adds the little colour to the bottle. It has a light blue cap, going with the entire theme of the light blue seas.

The fragrance has a musky scent with a slight note of citrus. Honestly, it's like dream notes coming together for me. The scent is modern, youthful as well as a classy. It is the best for the summers. The fragrance lasts on me for hours together.

If you are around the perfume store next time, take our advice and go smell this one for yourself. And Trust Us you are not going to come home empty handed.



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