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For our mid-week review, we thought of writing about something unusual yet popular amongst the health conscious. Most of you would have already heard about RAW PRESSERY, but for those of you who haven’t, they specialize in making cold pressed fresh juices that help to detoxify you completely. 

Raw presser refers to it as a ‘cleanse’ and therefore offers customers to try out a light cleanse or a deep cleanse for one, two or three days. Reading about it everywhere and seeing some other bloggers try it, we decided to give this a shot considering the amount of food we eat outside. 

We decided to go for the deep cleanse for one day. Though the reviews on the internet was not very motivating as it was all about how it is difficult to survive on liquids and how some people cheated by having normal lunch! We decided to ignore these and try out the one day deep cleanse.

Before we begin our review, we would like to tell you all a few things:

1. The purpose of taking up a cleanse should be to detoxify and not lose weight.
2. Some juices don’t have a very pleasant taste as it has no artificial flavors and sweeteners
3. They are required to be stored in the fridge.
4. It is not healthy and advisable to take the cleanse for more than twice a month.
5. It is advisable that two days before and after the cleanse you should eat healthy and avoid fried and junk food.

On a Friday morning my entire deep cleanse set got delivered home in the morning. The first bottle of juice which was a mix of spinach, doodhi, kale and other things had to be consumed at 9 AM. The taste was quite nice and refreshing. By the end of the hour I started feeling a little hungry and a glass of water helped curbing it to some extent. I will not go into the details of every juice as you guys can easily see that on the raw presser website. 

You might feel that the juices will be very bad in taste as there is no artificial content, I would like to tell you all that they are quite nice and people who like critrus fruits will love their juice called ‘tangerine’. It was an absolute delight!!

All in all it was not very difficult to live on juice an entire day, rather I was feeling very good about myself by the end of the cleanse. It did reduce my weight by a kg( water weight) and my skin was glowing. However I felt that the price of the cleanse was a little towards the higher side considering other substitutes being available in the market for cheaper. 
PRICE: INR 1500 for six bottles of juices 410 ml each



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