Best office wear shades from Lakmé 9 to 5

Hello Cravers!

Lipsticks and lip crayons have always fascinated me. The hunt for the perfect colour never seems to end and we end up collecting hundreds of them in our make up kit! For the entire last week, I was looking for some not every expensive office wear lipsticks. When I went to new you, I walked towards Lakmé hoping to find some good lipsticks that would last long and obviously look nice and classy. Trust me Lakmé has a huge 9 to 5 collection and it was very very difficult to pick the right ones out with your attention diverting every minute to other stuffs new you offer!
 So here are my favourite office lipstick shades from Lakmé 9 to 5 collection:

1. Scarlett Drill : This has occupied a special place in my heart :p. A perfect brick red brownish colour that you can wear with anything under the sun! I wear it mostly with light coloured clothes and dark blue. This lipstick will do wonders to your face even if you are not wearing any makeup.  For office purposes it is a perfect colour . While applying it may feel a little runny but it's not. Seconds after application of dries up to give you a perfect Matt look that lasts very long!

Here's how it looks!!

Brownie point: My addiction to brown is a genetic problem: p. I am actually trying to get all shades of brown like my mom! So like me, if any of you like the colour brown then this shade will make you very very happy. I generally wear this shade with whites and light pink and try to do a minimum eye make up. In feel that this lasts longer than the Scarlett drill and it's not runny when you apply.
I absolutely love this shade.

3. Pink perfect: Although this pink is not very subtle, it can be worn to work or even at meetings! I love this shade because it's not too dark or light and gives your lips the perfect pink colour!! I have been wearing this shade for movies, dinners and parties! 

 All of them are priced at Rs 499 each! Go grab some for your self!!!



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