Have A Spa Day At Home: Pamper Routine

Hello Team Cravers!

These days we all have stresses in our life be it school, college, work or just household work. It’s important that we take some time out for ourselves and just relax.

But it’s true that not all of us can afford a luxury day at the spa or infact most of us don’t have the time these days. Here are some quick tips and product recommendations on how you can have your little spa day at home.

1. Set the Mood : It is important to set your mood and get into your comfort and relaxing zone. So, Turn your speakers up and put on one of your favourite songs and light some calming candles.
                 Song:  My personal favourite song would be ‘All of me’ by John Legend.
   Candles: This one by Shades of Joy Craft is my favorite at the moment. You guys              should check their candles out on Instagram.

2.  Open up those pores : Giving yourself a nice facial steam is the perfect way to start your spa day. This will not only relax you and also open up your pores but will also prep you for the other treatments that you might be engaging in today.
                   Add a few drops of essential oil in your water before taking the steam

3. Body and Face Scrubs: It’s important to scrub your body and face at-least once a week and no better day than your spa day! Exfoliating after a steam is a great way to help eliminate blackheads.
              Face Scrubs: Forest Essential's Walnut Gel is a Must Try!

              Body Scrub – The Soap & Glory Flake Away scrub is one of my favourites and if you don’t have  access to Sephora than I would also recommend The Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub.

Body Wrap: if you don't like exfoliating then you could try the Geen Clay Body Wrap from The Natures Co. Use this product right before your bath and see your body radiating! 

4. Treat Them Hair: It’s time to treat your hair. Our hair goes through a lot of pollution, heat styling etc. So they need a pamper session too.
             Kerastase's Masque Olio Curl- This one perfect for girls with naturally Curly hair.

5.  Bath Time: Don’t forget to Dim the lights, light candles and have your relaxing music playing. Stay in the bath for as long as you please and bring that tea or champagne with you. Remember to use the body wash which helps you moisturize your skin.
                              The Body Shop Honey Mania Shower Gel

6.  Facial Mask: Get back into your robe and put on any face mask that you may have on hand.
                 My personal favourite these days are sheet masks. Innisfree has some great sheet masks.  I would also highly recommend Skin18.com, they have a HUGE variety of Sheets masks, which works wonders on your skin.  If you are someone who does not like using Sheet masks then you should definitely try the Deadly -Face Mask from Sand for Soapaholics.

7.  Moisturize: Finally, it’s time to apply your favourite moisturizer and eye cream.
                  Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion is my absolute favourite!
            Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Creams works magically in moisturising your skin.

8. Sleep: Now get into those pajama’s and get some rest!



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