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After much permutations and combinations of finding the right products for my unruly and consistently frizzy hair, I finally found my magic potion. I have the unique variety of very dry and fine hair that is prone to breakage at the drop of a hat. So using heated appliances and the frequent blow dries that I indulge in (quite regularly!) tend to make my mane worse.

On a regular Sunday visit to Looks Salon, I was introduced to this conditioner which also works as a hair mask called Oleo Relax. First things first the conditioner smells DIVINE!!! and the smell tends to linger on for a day. The general problem that I have faced with conditioners that offer deep conditioning for dry and frizzy hair is that it weighs the hair down and sometimes makes it oily and limp within a day. However, this conditioner makes the hair irresistibly soft, shiny and adds bounce to the hair.The key to great hair, more specifically my type of hair is that the conditioner should complement the shampoo . Priced at INR 2850, it is only available at Geetanjali, Toni&Guy and select Looks stores.However, one jar should do you a good five months if you have mid-length hair!!!

The shampoo that I have been using with this conditioner is BAIN SATIN 1 KERASTASE. Women with dry scalp and dry hair should be satisfied with a single wash. It does not dry out the hair and can be used two-three times a week.Unlike the conditioner, the shampoo has a very neutral smell but the effect on the hair makes up for it!!! The shampoo lathers evenly throughout the hair and scalp. Priced at about INR 1750, the bottle easily lasts about three months for women with mid-length hair.



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