Product Review: Sand for Soapaholics Deadly Face Mask

Hello Team Cravers!

If you have been following us regularly then you know our love for Sand for Soapaholics. Recently, I got a chance to try their “Deadly” Face Mask.  The best part about the brand is that they use all natural products so one does not have to think twice before using it.

What the Product Claims: This re-mineralizing face mask contains Dead Sea Mud that gently exfoliates the skin to draw out any impurities and toxins. To make it the perfect detox regimen for you, we have also folded in oodles of Aloe vera, which keeps your skin hydrated, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Last, but definitely not least, the antiseptic properties of the Coconut and Grapeseed Oils make it THE beauty solution for you. So what are you waiting for?

Ingredients : Every 10gm contains Inf. Blend of Peppermint Aerial part and Rosemary Aerial part (23.15%), Kaolin (22.87%), Dead Sea Mud (17.14%), Aloe vera Leaf Gel (17.14%), Almond Seed (5.71%), Grapeseed Oil (5.71%), Bentonite Clay (2.86%), Ess.Oil blend of Peppermint Aerial part, Tea Tree, Neroli (1.71%), Nutmeg Seed (1.14%), Ext. blend of Vanilla & Pomegranate Seed (1.71%), Potassium Sorbate (0.57%), Chlorophylin (0.29%) 

Packaging: The packaging is one thing that I am not a big fan of! It comes in a small yellow jar which has the same of the product along with the tiny description on it. The packaging does not come with the directions to use which is really inconvenient as I had to refer to their website to know exactly how to use the product.

The texture of the product is like a thick green paste and it gets difficult to take out the same with your fingers as it gets stuck in your nails. I’d suggest you use a spatula to take the product out of it’s packaging. I like to mix the paste it rose water, this makes it easy to spread on the face. I leave it on my face for a good 15-20 minutes i.e. until it is completely dry. The moment you apply this mask on your face, it gives an amazing cooling and soothing sensation to the skin. This is why this has become my go to Summer Face Mask. The mask is very gentle on the skin and does not irritate it and infact the cooling sensation helps in calming down any acne that you may have. It makes my skin really soft and subtle, leaving it feeling super fresh and hydrated. It is something that can used for people with all skin types. I have combination to oily skin and it has worked great for me!

Priced at Rs. 236 for 20 gms.



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