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If you have been following us for a while now, then you know our love for Korean Skincare. Last year some time, we found this amazing website which has answers to all our skincare woes. It is SKIN 18. COM.

We got some interesting skincare things from the website and thought of sharing with you guys. Keep on reading to find out what all we got.

The first interesting thing that caught my eye on the website was a Rose fragrance Sanitizer from Nature Republic. I use a lot of sanitizer's. I keep them handy on  my work desk and this one smells great too. It was priced at  $ 4.80.

The next thing I got was mainly due to it being super cute! Just look at how cute the packaging is. It is Sense of Care Hand Cream. Shea Butter is my favourite way to moisturize my body and this one is also completely Paraben free. It was priced at  $3.

What would be a Korean skincare haul without some sheet masks, i picked up these sheet masks in the Rose flavour, they are super moisturizing.

The next thing I spotted are these really interesting patch/Sheets on their website. I have never seen anything like this in the Indian Market. The minute I saw them I knew I had to get it! One is the Bye Bye Tried Legs which is patch that you put on your legs for around 8 hours and they cool off the tired legs as they contain aloe vera, peppermint oil and tea tree oil. The other interesting patch was the Bye Bye Excess Fat, honestly, I got this because the packaging was super cute! I mean just look at that Elephant! SO CUTE! They both are priced at $ 4.40.

I have never tried anything for my hair from the Korean Beauty range, so I thought of giving this hair pack a try. I really can't get over their packaging. This hair mask comes with it's own shower cap. This mask needs to applied after shampoo and in place of the conditioner. I am yet to try this one, will soon let you know how I feel about this. Priced at $ 3.

Lastly, I got a number of patches for removing my blackheads from the nose, also saw these couple of interesting patches that I never see around here in Delhi, i.e. the patches for your under eye, smile lines, eye wrinkles.

I am super excited about this haul. You can read my review about the website here!

Do let us know if you order something for yourself!



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