ANTIDOTE: Skinny Down Cleanse For Weight Loss

Hello Team Cravers!

I have been wanting to do a cleanse to detox for so long as I have been eating out quite regularly. You know when your office colleagues order that plate of momos you cant refuse? However, the thought of going only on a juice diet was kinda scary for a food lover like me. 

I came across Antidote. Antidote has pure, organic and cold pressed juices.

Claims: "ANTIDOTE aims to provide a simple on-the-go solution to the urban lifestyle.ANTIDOTE Programs and Cleanse are tailored to be an addition to your general lifestyle & food habits, they provide you with that extra energy & glow making the everyday tasks a lot less taxing! ANTIDOTE is not just juice. It’s a lot more. Our drinks are fortified with natural superfood extracts, hence they that act as FUNCTIONAL FOODS."

I chose the "Skinny Down" cleanse for one day. It contains four juices, 250 ml each. I was to consume these juices 60-90 minutes away from my meals and each other. They delivered the juices to me at 7:30 in the morning while I was getting ready for work. So, it was a perfect way to start my day.  The juices are packaged in glass bottles. The bottles are very cute.  I personally really liked them but however my mother on the other hand got reminded of medicine bottles when she saw them which kept her a little away from the juices. I guess it is very subjective. However, since the bottles are glass, it becomes very difficult to travel with them though.

The first juice I had was The Pumper, it contains pear, wheatgrass, spinach & moringa extract.  I really liked this juice. It had a strong wheatgrass flavour along with slight hint of pear. I was super refreshed after consuming this bottle.

I would usually feel super hungry around 12:00 PM but surprisingly I was din't feel hungry at all. The second juice I had was the The Polisher, it contains pineapple, pear, arugula, green tea, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger & ashwagandha extract. This one was genuinely my most favourite. It had a strong cinnamon and peppermint flavour, and these are some of my favourite flavours to have in the summer and what better time than a hot summer afternoon. 

The third juice I had was The Flusher, it contains carrot, apple, celery, ginger & green coffee extract. It has a super strong celery taste. This one was my least favourite because I really dislike celery. 

The last juice of the day was The Alkalizer, it contains apple, courgette, parsley, peppermint & lemon. This juice had a hint of citrus from the lemon along with a hint of apple juice. I had neutral feelings of this juice. I wasn't in love but neither did I hate it.

All in all, I really liked the cleanse and I lost about 0.5 kg in a day. I did not starve myself, I ate normal home made food but ensured that I eat no junk for the day. 

I am really happy with the cleanse and looking forward to trying the Only Juice cleanse some day. 



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