Bad hair days? No Need to Worry Anymore!

Hey guysss! 

We are extremely apologetic for not being active, but we have some great surprises coming up for you guys. For today's post, I thought of telling you guys how I'm managing to keep my hair in place during this rainy moistury season.

Well for people who have forgotten, I have extremely rebellious and frizzy hair and I try to keep my hair straight with the help of external tools. I'm sure most of you are facing this issue at this point of time. So let's here's what I do : 

1. Shampoo- Although I should be using a moisturiser based shampoo which conditions and nourishes my hair, however, I opt for a gel based shampoo like Pantene lively clean or Loreal Force Vector to ensure that my hair has some bounce and it does not fall flat the minute I step out. 

2. Conditioner-  I have reduced the amount of conditioner to half of what I actually put otherwise. I limit it to the ends and keep it for a minimum. 

3. Avoid blowdrying- Unless ofcourse you decide to go to a salon to get your hair fixed, I strongly recommend not blow drying during the rainy reason as your hair tends to get super frizzy , uncontrollable and excessively voluminous when you go out. The idea is to keep the hair in shape be it in form of curls, waves or simply straight hair.

4. Straightening- For women like me who loves the straight hair look, this season can be quite pathetic. Before straightening my hair with my  Remington hair straightener I use the studio fix hair serum by loreal to avoid flyaways and fizz. Yes, it works very well. To add shine to your hair, you can add a drop of shine serum also.

3. Curls and waves- For those who wish to maintain their own hair texture, you can choose from a range of hair styles that will keep your hair in place like a high bun or a fish plait. Leaving the hair open will be great for those who have defined waves or curls. Alternatively, you can also use products like Kerastase oleo curl intense or loccitanes masks to beat the weather effects.

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this! Do let us know if you want us to write about any specific products !



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