Product Review : Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Bar

Hello Cravers!

One fruit that I have crazily indulged myself this month are mangoes! I mean all forms, shapes and sizes of mangoes. The result of such over consumption of this amazingly tasty fruit is a bad face with terrible and painful breakouts. Im sure many of you are able to relate to this. 

Without experimenting with 'herbal face washes' (although they suit me a lot) i decided to try out my mum's favorite Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Bar. The product promises to fight pimples and is naturally effective against pimples, blackheads and other forms of skin impurities.

Effect on skin : As this is a soap free cleansing bar, it does not dry out the skin while helps maintaining skin's balance. Though my skin is feeling a little more oily than it usually does but i can see my pimples drying out and disappearing slowly. It has a pleasant smell  and can be used for the entire body.

Availability : It is available in any chemist and is priced at INR 189 only.

Suggestions: If your skin is is very oily and you live in a city which is ruled by humidity,I suggest that you wash your face with your normal oil control face wash before and after using this bar.



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