Biotique Bio Morning Nector Flawless Face Wash Review

Hello Team Cravers!

We've recently been trying a lot of Biotique products lately and have been loving them (Read here and here). I usually don't experiment alot with my face wash as I tend to break out very often but being a blogger, I like to try different products so that i can review them for you. 

This time we picked up the Biotique Bio Morning Nector Flawless Face Wash. The face wash comes in white plastic tube with a green coloured cap. The cap shuts quite tightly making it easy to travel with. The face wash is white in colour and it has creamy texture. The fragrance is quite strong which can be a little downside for many however, i don't mind it much.

I have sensitive combination skin, although this face wash is cream based which is a great product for people with dry skin but it worked quite well for me. The product lathers really well and cleans the skin throughly. It doesn't strip the moisture of the skin down infact leaves the skin feeling very hydrated and moisturised.

It did not irritate my skin and neither it cause me to break out. It is very affordable, priced at Rs. 60, does a great job. If you are on a hunt for a new face wash, do give this one a try!



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  2. Nice review. Thanks for sharing.


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