Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist Review

I love experimenting with products and brands. So I recently got my hands on a new brand(for me) from LookFanastic. It's called Omorovicza. They are a great luxury brand and I was quite excited to try their products. I got their most famous "Queen of Hungary Mist".

The spritz comes on a class glass bottle with a spray dispenser. The packaging is quite simple, it has a plastic translucent lid. The spray is great as the product comes out in a very mist fine which covers a large area, so you could be good to go in max. 2-3 prays. 

We should take a minute to appreciate it's scent, Oh it's so good! . It has a really nice and soothing rose and orange blossom scent. I personally love the rose scent, but I have had people who are not big fans of the rose scent absolutely love it. Either way, it smells absolutely divine. This is really refreshing and soothing at the same time. When I spray this product on my face, I feel like I am taking a spa, the scent is so rejuvenating. If you get a chance to try this product, just spray it across your face and you'll know exactly what I am talking about!

I have also used this mist as a setting spray. It helps my makeup look more natural, and takes away the powdery feeling, if there is any. It makes my makeup last a little longer, however doesn't work that well in increasing the longevity of the makeup.

When used as a mist, it is ofcourse divine. It provides a great moisture to my skin and helps it feeling cool and refresh. I find it perfect to use it in the hot and humid weather. It leaves my skin really soft, radiant and fresh.

Definitely worth giving this one a try! Priced at INR 4060, You can buy it here!



  1. Its a really expensive mist. But from your review, it sounds like a spa-like experience and tempting.

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