Sigma Line Ace Legend Eyeliner Review and Swatches

My Makeup routine is never complete without an eyeliner, whether it's my daily office look or my party makeup. I prefer to use black eye liner for my everyday use although I enjoy experimenting with colours.

Sigma Line Ace Eyeliner

I have recently been testing out the Sigma Line Ace Legend for some time, so though of sharing my views with you on the same. 

The Sigma Line Ace Legend comes in a black cylindrical tube. It's a matte finish tube. The handle is quite long and has a really thin brush. The tube is really really light weight and the cap secures tightly so it makes it perfect to travel with. The Sigma Line Ace is available in many shades (check here) but I have the colour Legend which a really deep black. And this one is really deep black, I have been on a look out for such a deep black for so long. And it's really matte, i love how it looks on my eyes.

The eyeliner dries immediately so it doesn't smudge across your lids. The formula is not very runny, it is just the perfect consistency. The brush is really thin and makes the application perfect and it doesn't require me to go over my lids again and again to get a perfect wing.

Even though the texture is matte, but it doesn't feel uncomfortable and neither does it feel dry or flake off my lids. It stays on me for around 4 hours as my eyelids tend to be slightly oily. All in all its a great eyeliner, the only disadvantage however, is that it is not waterproof.

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  1. So great eyeliner. I love this eyeliner. surely try it.


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