Sigma Monumental Lash Mascara Review

We were recently introduced to the Sigma Monumental Lash Mascara. The wand of this mascara is really thick and has a number of bristles, this helps in providing maximum volume and thickens your lashes. The bristles are structured really carefully, as it makes it very easy for the mascara to apply.

My favorite part about this mascara is its formula. The formula is amazing, it's very build-able. The minute you apply this mascara on your lashes it feels really light and gives you a very natural finish. This mascara does not clump on your lashes. But I will not disappoint you girls, who like to go bold with your mascara, as you can throw in a few more coats with this Sigma Monumental Lash Mascara and your lashes would look amazing. 

This mascara not only adds volume but is also smudge-proof, water-resistant and long wearing. I wore this mascara to work one day and it did not budge the whole day and mind you I have super long working hours. It did not even flake on me, making it perfect for your daily use. 

Sigma never fails to impress me. I have only heard great things about their brushes, cant wait to get my hands on them.

Priced at Rs. 1677, you can buy it here!



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