Product Review- Kiko Milano smart lipstick shade 934

Hey Guys, we really hope you enjoyed our Kiko Milano week! As today is the last day, we have decided to write about our favourite product the smart lipstick range in the shade no. 934

The Product-  Like the shade 912, it is not a matte finish lipstick. It's glossy and has the right amount of creaminiess that you would like. Since maroon has been one of the colours of this season, this lipstick is sure give you the right pop of maroon in your lips. The lipstick comes in a very chic cover.

The Effect-  this is the colour that can be worn to work, parties, formal dinners, while travelling, dates, weddings or a simple day out with friends. Well we have already worn it for most of these occasions. The lipstick lasted for about 1. 5 hours (without drinking and eating) and then I had to touch it up again for the shine. What I loved about this lipstick is it's after stain! In fact a touch up is not necessary as the after stain itself looks gorgeous.

The Price - same as shade 912. This gorgeous piece of makeup is only worth INR 390. I think we will drop into KiKo Milano over the weekend to explore some of their other stuff! Meanwhile you guys get your shopping lists ready and have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Amazing shade. Looks like a great lipstick. Thanks for the review.


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