Product review: shade 01 smoky eyeliner by KiKo Milano

Ever wondered what could be the satisfy your want for a perfect pencil eyeliner? Well, then the answer is Kiko Milano's Smoky Eye Pencil! Before using this I used to have a very strong dislike for pencil eyeliners as some wouldn't be as black as desired and some would smudge within no time, despite the temperature.  I tried this eye pencil at the store launch and I had to buy it. Here's my experience with it!

Product: As you see the pencil is decently long and should last you about a month or two easily. At the other end is a tiny brush attached in case one wants to create a smoky look or a winged look. It can be easily carried around as the transparent cover on top is very sturdy and does not come off. Hence its very safe in your bag with the other things.

Effect: My eyeliner lasted for about 8 hours and it barely smudged. It did not cause any irritation to the eye and unlike other stubborn eyeliners that refuse to come out with facewash, this one was very simple and easily to remove. One stroke is good enough to give a nice back line and you don't have to keep rubbing it on your eye to make it darker. Also, today in office I tried to use it as a kajal and it worked very well for me. 

Price : this amazing eyeliner is only priced at INR 690, much much cheaper than most of the competitive brands!

This is a perfect solution to all those who can't wear liquid eyeliner and make those perfect lines!



  1. Seriously it's a great eyeliner. Great review as always.


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