Spa for your Lips with Skin Cafe

Shopping for Lip products is one of my favourite! But to get my lipsticks right especially the matte ones that I have been loving these days, I need to ensure that my lips are not dry and flaky. 

While I was on my hunt for nice lip care products, I came across Skin Cafe. Skin Cafe is a brand which makes organic lip products. I got three products from them, It is the Cinnamon roll Lip Scrub, Vanilla Creme Brûlée Lip Butter and the Strawberry Shortcake Lip Tint Balm.

I have been testing these products for about a month. I use them twice a week so ensure I keep my lips soft and supple. I was really impressed when I first saw the packaging, they come in a cute little box, with a cupcake made on it. The actual product comes in a round glass jar. The packaging is super cute. However, I feel it's not the best to travel with, as the glass jar tends to be on a heavier side and it also might break if you drop it even once. 

All the products stand true to its name, they smell divine. I felt like eating each one of them. I would usually start with scrubbing my lips with the Cinnamon roll lip scrub, the scrub like I said before, smells great. It is gentle on the lips and exfoliates the lips really well, taking away all the dryness and chapped lips away.

Then I move on to applying the Vanilla Lip Butter. This lip butter is super soft, kind of reminded me of the Lush Lip butters which were my favourite. The texture of this lip butter is super soft and it evenly spreads on the lips. The best part is that I absorbs really quickly and does not leave your lips feeling greasy.

Once the Lip butter is throughly absorbed into my skin and it's time that I am heading out of the house, I grab my Strawberry Shortcake Tinted Lip Balm. This is perfect for the days when you are looking to lock in moisture into your lips and looking for a tint of my lips but better colour. The texture is really smooth and creamy and It smells like a strawberry milkshake on my lips! (Love it)

All in all, they are great choice for someone with chapped lips. Skincafe has your lip care sorted for you!



  1. Wow... this sounds like really a spa for lips. Cinnamon lip scrub looks really tempting.

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  2. Nice post. Great shade.

  3. It seems like a great lip balm. Definitely try it out.


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