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First of all, thank you for all your love on our Kiko Milano Week. Hope you girls found some of your favourites.

Today I will be talking about the Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Youth Serum. I had been using Iraya Kumkumadi Oil before this and I never thought I'd love a serum as much as a facial oil. 

One day while I was de-cluttering my vanity, I came across this serum lying in one corner and it was then that I thought I need to give this a try. 

About : " BXL Cellular Youth Serum is an ultra-concentrated formula that lightens and brightens skin tone, as it balances, tightens and firms skin. Smoothes away dry lines, fades dark spots and helps eliminate highly pigmented cells from surfacing with revitalizing 100% natural botanical extracts. Powered by exclusive BXL Complex for the most energizing, nourishing and strengthening skin effects."

Being someone with combination and acne prone skin, I find it really hard to trust on a serum and my search for a perfect serum is never ending. I need a serum that is moisturising and light weight at the same time. 

The Biotique BXL Cellular Youth Serum comes in a glass bottle with a silver chrome finish. It comes with a dropper which makes it very easy to use the product leading to minimal wastage. The Serum has water consistency and the texture is such that it easily gets absorbed into the skin. It doesn't not leave your skin feeling sticky, oily or add that unwanted shine.

I have been using this serum for about 2 and half weeks now. I gently massage it all over my face before I go to bed every night. I would not be the best person to talk about it working on the wrinkles but I can easily say that it has helped in maintaining a very well hydrated skin without having any dry patches.

On another note, if you are looking to reduce your acne or acne scars, then this is not the product for you. I have slight acne scars on my face from my recent break-out. It has not budged them, they still have their home on my face. However, the best part about this product is that it is made from 100 percent natural ingredients and it is free from chemicals.

All in all it's a great product if you are looking for some serious hydration for your skin! Priced at Rs. 1599/-. You can but it here!



  1. Really expensive product. And it doesn't work on acne scars as well. I think I will skip it...

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