Looking for a Evening Snack? Try Terra

Hello Team Cravers!

This time we are reviewing something really different, something we have maybe never done on our blog yet. But this is something that we all face during our daily life especially if you are working. Every evening in office is a scene to watch, with food flying everywhere. People are looking for snacks to have with their tea or just to munch on something.

Everytime I take that bite of the samosa or the momos, guilt takes over me. But recently we came across these new chip variants in the Indian market by the brand Terra. Firstly, I was impressed by their packaging, it is so attractive that it calls out to you. Trust me if you go to the supermarket, you will not miss to spot these.

The most interesting part is that these chips are made from sliced vegetables. These Exotic vegetable chips are made from a large variety of root vegetables like the sweet potato and parsnip. Terra also has the regular potato chips but those are made from the naturally blue potato. 

The blue potato chips were what attracted me to try these. I got three variants i.e. Blues, Original and Mediterranean. I loved each one of them. They are delicious and everytime I take a bite, I don't feel guilty. They are my favourite evening snack.  Although they are blander than the usual chips, but they are tasty in their own different way.

I also recently had a small get together with my friends at home. These were a big hit at the party. My personal favourite is the Blues Chips. The don't feel oily at all, neither do they feel too heavy. They are perfect snack to munch on! 

So go ahead Cravers and get your hands on them from a local store close by!



  1. It's really something different. Thanks for sharing it.


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