Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Duo Powder Review

Hello Team Cravers!

Recently we reviewed the Maybelline Face Studio V-Face duo Stick, today we are going to talk about the Face Studio V-Face duo powder. The powder comes in a round plastic, the usual compact packaging. The packaging also includes a brush in the lower compartment. It also has a mirror which makes it very convenient to apply the product especially when you are in the go. 

I have the shade light medium, which is a slightly light for me, however I used the same to see how the formula and texture works. The compact has the powder in two shades. One in a lighter shade and another in a slightly darker tone. 

The lighter powder can be used to highlight your features and the darker shade can be used to set your cream contour. If you feel that the shade is lighter for you to use as a contour, you can definitely use it as compact to set your makeup.

The texture is really soft and it is not chalky at all. It blends into the skin very seamlessly, not leaving the skin feeling all powdery and dry. The lighter shade works great to set your concealer as well. The best part is that these powders are matte and looks beautiful on the skin. 

Really impressed with the formula of this one. Priced at Rs. 500.

You can learn how to contour according to your face shape here!



  1. Looking so nice product. Would love to give it a try.


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