Colourpop Out and About set and Frick and Frack, Review and Swatches

Hello Team Cravers!

Today I am reviewing the beauty product that everyone has been raving about since so long. I feel like I must one of the very few beauty enthusiasts who tried this really late. I was kind of not ready to pay the shipping charges and the instagram stores were selling them at almost double the price.

But to my surprise one day, an e-mail from colourpop landed in my Inbox which stated that colourpop is offering free international shipping for a day! I was super excited and I placed my order. I ordered only 4 lip colours which I am regretting now, I feel like i should have ordered more :p! My order arrived in almost 1.5 weeks, which is great considering its an international shipping and I wasn't charged any customs.

I ordered a mix of the Ultra Matte lips and the Ultra satin lips! I got the Up and Away set which consists of Times Square, Viper and Barracuda. I also ordered the shade frick and frack.

Left to right : Viper, Times Square, Barracuda, Frick and Frack

The packaging of these are very simple. The product comes in a transparent tube with a silver cap. The packaging does not feel cheap at all especially taking into consideration the price of these. The tube is really sturdy and easy to travel with or throw away in your bag.

The Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips have a smooth texture which is very light and comfortable on the lips. The consistency is quite good, does not feel patchy. They dry out very soon, so you need to be quick with their application. I would suggest not pressing your lips together as the application tends to get patch that way. The Ultra Satin is way less drying than the Ultra Matte Lips and if you are someone with very dry lips then Ultra Satin Lips would be your go to!

Up to Down : Viper, Times Square, Barracuda, Frick and Frack

The wear time of these are great! They last on the lips for a good 4-5 hour without needing any touch up's. The colour does not budge or transfer at all. All the shades are very pigmented and gives you a great colour in just one swipe.

These are available on Colourpop website for just $6 each! 



  1. Love those swatches. Would love to give it a try.


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