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I love everything that smells amazing and cherry on top would be if its natural. Bath products are my favourite. I always love to have some nice smelling shower gels, candles and body scrubs in my bath. They just make my bath so much better.

I recently came across AYCA. I received their Jasmine Body Wash, in my October My Envy Box. It was only in December that i started using this.

Ayca, the rising new moon, is the magical moment to sow with love and dedication. The knowledge and values of our ancestors have been passed down in these secret recipes of time tested agelessness.
Recreated painstakingly for you with the purest of nature’s ingredients and extracted oils, blended into naturally nourishing bases, our commitment is to preserve these ancient crafts and offer a holistic approach to refresh, replenish and revitalise.
This philosophy is integral to our process – our intent is purity through traditional methods.

This Body wash comes in plastic bottle packaging, which is very easy to carry around and store. It has a black flip open cap which shut tights and helps in keeping the product secure. This makes it very travel friendly.
The texture and consistency of this product is just perfect. It is neither to thick nor too runny/thin. It foams up really well and you just need a small amount on your loofah. A little goes a very long way in this case. Coming to my favourite part about this product, is its fragrance. Jasmine is known to be good for rejuvenation of the skin. I love the soothing and calming smell of jasmine. 

It leaves my skin feeling nice and firm. My skin feels super soft and supple. It does not make my skin dry or flaky. I have tried this without using a moisturiser and even in the cold winters, it did not make my skin super dry.

The only complain I have with this product is that I just wish that the fragrance lasted for a little while longer. It does not last on me for more than an hour. But I still love this product!
Price: INR 875 for 200 ml.



  1. Seems great but pricy product. Thanks for sharing it.


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