January My Envy Box Unboxing

Hello Team Cravers!I hope you are enjoying the lovely winter weather. The January Edition My Envy Box is here and I am I here unboxing it for you girls. This edition is a New Year Collection box.

Like all boxes of My Envy Box, this box is also super pretty! This is a disco themed box, totally setting the vibe for the New Year. I never feel like throwing these boxes away. I am trying to find a way to re-use them all. Any of you have any ideas?    In this month's box, I received four full sized and one sample size product.1. Cheryl's O2C2 Radiance Lotion

The lotion is formulated to enhance the natural radiance and make the skin shine, making it look young, beautiful and glowing. I am looking forward to trying this product, I shall keep you updated.

2. Hedonista Hair Perfume

I have recently finished using my Hedonista Gel moisturizer. I had absolutely loved that. I am really excited to give this one a try. The Hedonista Hair Perfume is a water based perfume with citrus fragrance. I love the fact that this is water based and it won't weigh the hair down.

3. Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss 

This is a pretty peachy pink shade. I couldn't wait till I make this post live to try it, I was really happy with the finish of this product. The texture is also really comfortable on the lips. I had heard so much about essence products but never tried it. I am happy to receive their products in this months box. The fragrance of this one is quite pleasant and it isn't too sticky. One could wear it over lipsticks or just by itself.

4. Essence Lash Mania Reloaded False Lash Mascara

This is another product that I received from Essence in the box. I have heard such great reviews about it so I cant wait for my current mascara to finish so that I could try this one out. I love receiving Mascaras in beauty boxes, one can never have enough of mascaras right?

5. Female Fragrance Kit by Bombay Perfumery

This set contains five samples of different fragrances, Three of them having strong feminine undernotes, I am so glad that they dint sent a single sample, I have seen this brand so much over social media, that I really was looking forward to trying their products.

This month's box has definitely lived up to my satisfaction. It contains a lot of products that I am excited to try. The Collection of the perfume set has my heart!

I would highly recommend this box!



  1. Such a nice box. amazing products. Thanks for sharing.


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