Nykaa Paintstix Swatches and Review

Hello Team Cravers!

So Nykaa recently launched their New PaintStix, I got all the shades at one of the events, so I decided to do a review and swatch post for you all.

The Nykaa Painstix has a remarkable formula that really pushes boundaries in terms of color and the color intensity is also really rich and has an intense pigment. The formula glides on really easily, one swipe is enough to give you a great color payoff. If you are someone who like to go bold or even someone who likes to stay with the usual pinks and nudes, the paintstix has a color for everyone.

Shade 01 Nude Spice - This shade is a warn nude shade, the perfect nude to keep things spicy! This shade would look great on all skintones.

Shade 02 Cool Girl Nude - This is another nude shade, it's a shade darker that Nude Spice. Its a really classy shade, I feel if you want a nude you dont need both Nude Spice and Cool Girl Nude, any one shade would be enough.

Shade 03 No Chill Orange- This is a really bright orange shade, this is a perfect shade to brighten up any dull outfit. This one really reminds me of the orange candies.

Shade 04 Peaches n Cream- This an amazing peach shade, I don't think you can go wrong with this one. It's perfect for all skin-tones. This can  be one of those colours that you can wear to work and also if you are going out anywhere after work. I absolutely love this shade.

Shade 05 Tender Rose- This is a really girly and pretty colour. If you are looking for that nice girly candy pink lipshade then this one would be perfect.

Shade 06 Chick Flick Pink- This one has to be my favourite shade from the entire collection. This is not a true pink. It's a mixture of pink and mauve. I feel this shade would go well on all Indian Skin

Shade 07 Rock n Roll Pink - This a beautiful purple tones pink. This is a very unique colour, it's not in your face purple but still a very unique colour.

Shade 08 Purple Monster- This is a bright purple, this is not for someone who is afraid to try different colours. This is sure to bring you all the attention.

Shade 09 Bomshell Berry - This is a deep berry shade and I absolutely love this colour. This is a perfect shade to rock both in summers and winters.

Shade 10 Rebellious Red- When you need a pick me up shade, this bright red is enough to make you feel invincible.

Shade 11 Hearts n Kisses- This is a red with pink undertones. It is the prettiest red, it'll suit both fair and dusky skin tones.

Shade 12 Grunge Brown- This brown totally defines the 90's look. This is a absolute true brown.

Packaging : The color of the outer cover matches the shade of the lipstick. So if you are someone who has more than one of these then it'll be easier to identify the shade you are looking for. The inner part however, I feel is slightly low quality, I feel like if it falls, it has higher chance of breaking.

The shade of the lipstick bullet is flat, it is easy to apply it on the lips, however, its a little difficult to get to the edges and i need to use a lip brush for the same.

Formula : The formula of these are really good. They are super pigmented, all the hand swatches are just one swipe, yes you heard me right! Two swipe of these on the lips is perfect to get an opaque coverage. These are not completely matte, they are semi matte, with a comfortable wear.

If you want them to go completely matte, you could place a tissue paper and dust some baby powder, these would turn matte. They are really rich in colour. Their wear time is around 4-5 hours with eating and drinking. They are however transferable, so if you are drinking something or you are in a habit of randomly touching your face, you need to be careful.

All in all, I really like how comfortable they are on the lips, and the shade selection is really great and have an affordable price tag.

Priced at Rs. 425 each
You can buy it here!



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