The Hidden Power of Statement Jewellery

Weekends are my favourite part of the week, well, it's everyone's favourite. They come in with a relaxing or a handover mood. But it also comes with tons of opportunities for casual and fun outfit styling.  They are one of those days when our fashion monster is out and we feel like wearing whatever we want to without giving a damn about anyone else. But how can we look effortless without spending a lot of time and effort?

Statement Jewellery has this hidden secret power of turning absolutely any outfit into a head turner. This power makes any outfit look amazing.

I have always wanted to adorn a statement yet classy pair of earrings. I love this dangly piece with a very ethnic yet modern vibe to it. These are enough of a statement without being too much. I've worn these with a easy breezy summer dress.

This bracelet has a yin and yang design on it, it adds that needed colour to my outfit and instantly turns my boring outfit into a party ready one. This look has recently become my go to weekend look.

Earrings & Bracelet : Tripti's Exclusive, Sunglasses: Rayban 

Of course, these pieces from Tripti's Exclusive are enough to create a statement on their own, perfect to wear them in your everyday look or for a matter of fact even with a date night outfit. These would also make a great gift. I have made some beautiful memories with these pieces. I have linked these pieces for you, incase you'd like to take a closer look!



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