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Does it bother you how that friend of yours always remembers EVERYTHING!. Let me unveil this secret device that helps them be all organised! This secret device is called a PLANNER!

A Planner is basically collection of information which is portable and easily accessible. There is only two ground rules which need to be followed when using a planner i.e.:

1. Use only one planner
2. Take that planner with you everywhere

This planner should be attached to your body, and everything from people's name, address, phone number, your ideas, go into this book.

Calendars are a backbone of planners. They are the most important, whether it a monthly, weekly or a day wise calendar. The date/day wise planner is what will get you going and let you be where you want to be on time.

This is where all your daily schedules, doctor appointments, meetings, project deadlines, social events, if you are a blogger then posts which need to be put up etc. needs to be recorded. Just a glance that this book will help you judge whether you have time for that extra 30 minutes with your friend to chill.

If calendar is the backbone of planners, then a to do list is the muscle. These are what actually get the work done. They are two kinds of to do list i.e. either a daily or weekly list and one master to do list.

Every month I sit and prepare my Monthly to do list which has big set of goals that I have to achieve for that particular month. Then I have my daily to do list, which helps me in setting out goals for each day which in turn helps me achieve my monthly goals. It is very important to get your life organised. Once you have your planners and To-do list's in place and follow them, you'll see how such a little effort, will make a lot of difference in your life and you'll feel much more enthusiastic and in place to take on the world!

I picked up all these planners from The Paperholic Design Studio, I highly recommend their planners, very beautiful and great quality. That prettiness gives me that boost to sit and make that list every day!  I came across Paperholic Design Studio for the first time in one of the exhibitions in Select City Walk, I have been head over heels with the work they do! You can read about my previous review about their things here!

You can Contact them here! Komal, who is the face behind this label is a sweetheart and I am sure she'll help you with whatever you need!



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