Bid Adieu to Zit Skin with Astaberry

Astaberry Biosciences are the leading manufacturers of ayurvedic cosmetics. It has recently launched their Neem Aloe Face Wash. This Face Wash promises to shield your skin from pimple and acne while working on providing even skin tone.

Aloe Vera is an active ingredient in in this face wash which deeply cleanses the skin and also helps in removing excess oil and impurities. Moreover, Cucumber, Lemon and Basil extracts in the face wash helps in revitalizing the skin making it look super young and healthy.

I chose the Neem and Aloe Vera based face wash because my skin has been acting up lately and also because I prefer to use a gentle formula in my morning skin care routine as my skin is free of impurities and makeup at that time of the day.

Astaberry Neem Face Wash comes packed in a squeezy tube, thus it is very convenient to get the product out. The quantity of the product can also be easily judged from it's semi transparent bottle. One only requires a dollop of the product, thus the bottle would easily last you a good two months. The fragrance of this is one is super fresh and refreshing, therefore, making it perfect for using it in the morning.

Astaberry Neem Face Wash has a gel like consistency and is a beautiful green colour. It is very easy to spread it evenly on your face and it could be easily washed off by splashing some water. It is extremely gentle on the skin and you can notice the difference in just one wash, it makes the skin super clean and fresh. I feel my skin becomes really smooth and soft after using this product.

I would definitely recommend people with oily and acne prone skin to give this one a try!

It is available in a tube of 100ml at INR 85/- across all major departmental and online stores



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