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My skin had been breaking out alot recently. I was following everything possible to help me reduce my acne and to get rid of the acne marks.

It was during this rime that Oshea sent me their Anti-Acne and Pimple Face Pack to try and I randomly picked it up one day recently to try and see if it could come to my rescue.

Neem and Aloe Vera are two ingredients which are best known to cure acne and to help you achieve that flawless looking skin. Neem is an anti-bacterial whereas Aloevera is a soothing and calming ingredients. 

Oshea Neempure Face Pack exfoliates the dull and uneven skin tone. Moreover, antimicrobial and antiseptic formula helps to remove excess oil and impurities while cleansing and refreshing the skin

The packaging of this one did not appeal to me honestly. The first look of it gave me a feel of a very low quality product and something I was not sure whether I would try. But you know, a blogger's gotta try everything you girls!

The product is in a form a thick green paste. The fragrance of this one is nothing too strong, it smells a little bit of neem but the smell is not too strong so it wouldn't bother you even if you are someone with a sensitive nose. 

How to Use:

I would begin my cleansing my face with my regular Face wash, I have been using The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash. I would then take a coin sized amount and spread it all over my face. I leave it on for a good 15 minutes.

This face pack when applied does give a slight tingling feeling but it goes away after a while. After washing the face mask, I did notice a instant reduction in the redness around the acne on my face and I did feel that it has lightened by acne scares.

Priced at Rs. 175/- only for 120 g of pack and is available at all leading cosmetic outlet and major online retailers.

Overall, I really enjoyed using this product. Do let me know if you tried it and what you felt about it.



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