Product Review: VLCC Neem Face Wash

Hello Team Cravers,

We are back with another face wash review and this time it is the VLCC Neem Face Wash Review. Monsoon means lots of rain and humid weather, which also means time to take care of the skin as this weather comes acne, rashes and zits.

And if one ingredient which i look for in this season is Neem and it was a perfect time to try the VLCC Neem Face Wash.  This face wash claims to deep cleanse the face gently and effectively and controls sebum secretion without excessively drying the skin. It also contains Chamomile and Tea Tree which have soothing and strong antioxidant properties which help in rejuvenating the skin, making it feel fresh and nourished.

The VLCC face wash comes in a semi-transparent tube with a white/translucent flip open cap which is shuts tightly, thus securing the product from any leakages. This one smells very refreshing and fresh, although the smell can be a little over powering for someone with a sensitive nose but I love the smell.

The texture of this one is gel like which is slightly thick, it needs to be mixed with a couple of drops of water, to spread it evenly on the face. It lathers up well, and effectively cleans the dirt or any excess oil on the face. After use, my skin feels super fresh, clean and smooth. It does not do anything magical on the acne, however helps to keep them at bay.

All in all, I really like this face wash, it helps me get rid of the excess oil of my face.

Priced at INR 49 for 50ml.



  1. Wow !I really like this face wash, it helps me obtain the surfeit oil of my face.

    Shifa Godil


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