TBC by Nature Power D Tan ++ Scrub Review

Hello Team Cravers!

With summer comes a lot of tanning, I get tanned easily, even after being in the Sun for just 10 minutes! I never move out of the house without sunscreen. But today I am not going to talk about sunscreen but I am going to talk about something I do atleast once every week.

So I am talking about exfoliating. I personally find it very important to exfoliate your skin every once in a while to get rid of dead skin cells. I have been using the TBC by Nature Power D Tan ++ Scrub. I had never heard of this product before until the brand approached me to try their product.

I have been using this scrub once every week for a month. This Anti- Tan Scrub comes in a tube packaging which is a yellow-orangish colour. The top part has a beautiful pattern on it. I really like the packaging, it is very appealing to the eye.

The Scrub is a orange coloured scrub with very mild granules. I take a little product in my hand and gently massage it over my damp face. With circular motions, I massaged it over my face. The product has a super creamy texture with really mild granules. To be honest, the granules are almost close to nothing. When I scrubbed it over my face, I felt absolutely no exfoliation.

This Cream based texture is perfect for someone who has really sensitive skin. After use, my skin looked bright, soft and supple. It did help me in removing my tan and it was not harsh on the skin. I would highly recommend it to someone with highly sensitive skin.

This is priced at INR 399 for 100 ml. 



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