A Trek to Triund, Himachal Pradesh

Triund located only a couple of hours from Mcleoadganj, despite it’s recent commercialization remains to be one of the best spots overlooking the Kangra valley. Triund, is situated at an elevation of 2810 metres and is popularly known for the best day trek around Mcleoganj.

I visited Mcledoganj during June this year. The day we reached, it was raining cats and dogs throughout the day. We were a little disappointed as we had planned to leave for Triund the next day, however, everyone advised us against it. We decided to spend a day or two more in mcleodganj to wait and see if the weather clears up as we were not going home without doing the much raved about trek.

Finally, one fine day the weather was clear and though the locals were not in favour of us going for the trek owing to the unpredictable weather but any which way we decided to take the plunge. We took a cab from the main circle of Mcleodganj up till the Galu Temple near Dharmkot. The Galu Temple is the starting point of the trek. As soon as you reach here, you would see some police officers who would be taking in your details, just to keep a record of the individuals who have gone there.

On your climb, is a small café of sorts called “Café Magic View”. The café provides a splendid view of the Kangra Valley. It is a mark of half of your climb in terms of distance, but by the time you reach here, you feel thrice the amount of effort. After this point however, the climb gets a little steep and the last one kilometer being the steepest. One has to be really careful if going during the winters or rainy season as it tends to get slippery.

Once you get there, the view is beautiful and makes it all worth it. You could just spend hours sitting and admiring the beauty of nature at its best. Here’s a quick summary of all things you need to know:

Trekking Level


2:30- 3:30 hours from Galu Temple.
How to Get There
From Mcleodganj one can walk to the Galu Temple near Dharamkot which would take around 1.5 hours. Alternatively, you could take a Taxi to drop you to the temple, they would normally charge anywhere around 300-500 INR.

There is a Forest Guest House which needs to be booked in advance. One can rent tents from the tea shops in Triund, they are super comfortable and cost around INR 600-800 for two people.

It is pleasant during the day and gets slightly chilly at night.

There are around two to three tea stalls that would provide you water, magi, rajma chawal and the like. However, they are highly priced. I would suggest you carry some food with you from Mcleodganj.

Toilet Facility
We dint come across any toilets. However, we did hear that there were toilets on the other end of the hill.

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