10 Things You Need to Know Before You Go For Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Are the usual, ineffective techniques for removal of unwanted body hair bothering you but you are still worried to go for Laser Hair Removal? I am here to give you top 10 things that you should know before going for Laser Hair Removal.

For over the last month or so, I have been sitting on bed every night and discussing with my friends if I should get the Laser Treatment, I want to get the treatment because of two main reasons; one because I have a tendency to get under growth and second because I am just a lazy person.

So I thought before I finally take a call on whether I should go ahead with my laser treatment, i decided to visit the Dermaclinix in Defence Colony, New Delhi, since it was one of the top clinics in India for Laser Hair Reduction and Hair Transplant. At DermaClinix they have the state of art machines like Soprano ICE, Sporano Pro, Harmony XL and Cleralift to provide 360 degree coverage for hair removal. 

Here I am taking you along with me on my Laser Hair Reduction Journey. Today I am sharing 10 points with you all to keep in mind before going for Laser Hair Reduction.

Dr. Amrendra Kumar
All my points are based on the expert knowledge of Dr. Kavish Chouhan and Amrendra Kumar of Dermaclinix, with whom I had a wonderful opportunity to interact and ask them all the questions that I have along with all the questions that my instagram followers sent me. 

Dr. Kavish Chouhan

  • Laser Hair Removal is Painless

The technology used for Laser Hair Removal these days is super advanced. The technology over time has grown tremendously and the machine which throws the laser at your skin also automatically provides a burst of cold air, cooling your skin alongside. But the treatment is definitely not relaxing per se. 

  • The Laser Treatment is suitable for all hair whether black/brown, blonde or red!

The laser hair removal works it's best for dark hair as it works by targeting the pigment or melanin in the hair shaft. Although the blonde or red hair does not contain a lot of melanin but with the latest laser machines, there are ways around this problem too, but the best is to consult a professional before hand.

  • The Laser Hair Removal is NOT Permanent

There are a no. of companies which make false claims as to permanent hair removal from laser. But the truth is that laser hair removal can reduce the amount of hair growth in the treated area by as high as 90% in some cases but if the treatment is not completed, the hair will grow back, although they would be much finer and less noticeable.

  • Laser Treatment is a Quick Process

You may think that targeting the hair follicles with a laser light involves spending a good number of hours in the clinc but you couldn’t be more wrong! Laser hair removal is an extremely quick process that can often take less time than a waxing session. Not only is the treatment often quicker than waxing, but you also need a smaller amount of sessions per year meaning less time spent in the clinic.

  • Laser Hair Removal can be done anywhere

You can get it done anywhere on the body, and the machine can cover large places fast. Legs, back, underarms, bikini line, stomach, face etc. There is no limit to the places you can get laser hair removal.

  • Laser Hair Removal will treat your In-Growth

According to the doctors, Laser treatment is the best form of hair removal to deal with in grown hair. You could see your in grown hair reduce drastically after a couple of sessions.

  • Laser Hair Removal is Affordable

The laser hair removal has now become very popular and is widely available as compared to before leading to the cost of treatment becoming more affordable. When the cost is compared to the amount and time you need to spend in other techniques like waxing, the laser hair removal is a more cost effective option.

  • Laser Hair Removal is Safe

The word 'laser' can become daunting to a lot of people but however, the laser hair removal is no more dangerous than waxing. There are particularly no side effects of the treatment and if any are extremely rare depending on your hair growth and skin type.

  • No down time after Laser Treatment

There is absolutely no down time after the laser treatment, one can continue to lead their life in a normal way.
  • Laser Hair Removal does NOT work on Tanned skin

Laser Hair removal does not work well with tanned skin. So if you are someone who gets tanned easily, the doctors advise you to avoid the sun for atleast 3 days before the treatment and to lather up sunscreen both prior to and after the treatment.

  • You cannot get Laser Hair Removal on the area where you have a Tattoo 

Hopefully the above information has shed some light on laser hair removal. If you are still considering laser hair treatment and would like further information, the best advice is to book a consultation with your preferred laser hair technician. Consultations are often the easiest way to answer any questions and ease the concerns you may have regarding the procedure. As far as I am concerned follow me on my social media and the blog to know how my first session goes.

There's also a Q&A video on our Facebook Page to give you a little more insight into the Laser Treatment.



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