What To Shop From ZARA INDIA ONLINE?!?

Hello Team Cravers,

Do you have a favourite brand to shop from, where you know no matter what I’ll definitely find one outfit? Well that brand for me has been Zara. From the last couple of years whenever I go shopping, I end up with atleast one bag from Zara. Recently, I heard that Zara was coming online and I was super excited, not that I don’t have easy access to their offline stores but because, just the comfort of sitting on my bed and shopping my favourite brand is unexplainable.

Today I thought of sharing some of my favourite pieces from the website. Hope they help you while you are still wondering what to get from ZARA ONLINE!

The first ones are these floral dresses, I was someone who was not so much into floral, but recently I tried a couple of floral dresses and tops and realized how it instantly made me look more feminine. This grey dress is a straight fitted dress. It is not something that excites you when you look at it in the first go, but once tried, it looks super gorgeous. This midi dress is definitely a must buy, if you ask me.

Another one is this pink floral dress, the high neck and the cut of this dress makes it super sleek and feminine. The first time I saw this dress, I thought it would make it a perfect fit for a date night.

The second must buy garment from Zara according to me would be their jeggings. These jeggings are the most comfortable fit and they look stunning paired with almost anything. I have worn them out for parties, dates and even on bus rides. They last the longest time and do not loose their shape. If you are looking to buy jeggings, I would highly recommend you try these ones out from Zara.

Another favourite that I have recently been eyeing on is this Lace Top, it is available both in white and black. It's an absolute gorgeous top, it really gives me a victorian vibe, super classy. It can be styled in so many different ways.

Zara also does great accessories which when teamed up right, just instantly lifts up your outfit. Although, there accessories can be slightly expensive but they just leave that imprint on my mind, that I cant get it out of my head until i buy. Here are two of  my favourites right now!



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