Vanity Cask Glow Edition Unboxing and Review

Hello Team Cravers!

This month I am back again with the unboxing of the Vanity Cask Box. This month's box is a Glow Edition, I am excited to see what I have received in this month's box.

Incase, you don't what Vanity Cask is, simply head on to their website here!

Let's see what all products have we received this month!

1. Bliscent Pineapple Kiss Lip Scrup

Lip Scrubs are my best friend during the winter season. As I anyway have dry and chapped lips, they tend to get worse during the winters. I immediately opened the scrub on looking at it, it smells heavenly and the granules of the scrub look really fine, it looks like it will take all that dead skin off without damaging the lips.

2. Votre White Essence Advance Brightening Creme Scrub

Since product perfectly resonates with the theme of the box. The product claims to add brightness to your face. With all the crazy pollution in Delhi, my skin has become super dull. Hoping this would help in bringing some sparkle to the dull face.

3. Mom's Therapy Coffee Body Scrub

It's funny how I have recently become a Coffee lover, my friends from school and college remember me as someone who never had coffee. But now everything coffee excites me. If you have been following the blogposts for a while, you'll know how I have terrible undergrowth hair problem o my legs which means I am always looking for body scrubs. Keeping my fingers crossed that this would help me get rid of the stubborn undergrown hair.

4. Gulnare Aloe + Vit E Face Cream

We all the benefits of Aloe Vera Skin. A Face Cream containing Aloe Vera coming from an organic brand, definitely excites me. I am looking forward to trying this one out.

5.  MCaffeine Sunscreen

This was the least interesting product for me, not that I don't use sunscreens on a daily basis but because I have so many sunscreen's lying to try out. But if you are someone looking to try a new sunscreen, this product will definitely interest you.

All in all, this month's box has some great products to try.

Also, I have a surprise code for you. If you use the CODE "APTLCR". 

If you use the code, apart from all these products, you'll also receive one more free product. Order yours now! 



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